Thinking Matters


We are excited to share our journey so far at Alexandra Infant School with Thinking Matters. Since 2021 we have been working towards becoming a ‘Thinking School.’ This is to enable children to become more active participants in their learning with the ultimate goal of becoming more independent and resilient.

As a school, we are always keen to use evidence informed research about the science of learning and consider different approaches and look at ways we can all individually improve. Not only do we believe passionately about children's learning, but we are also beginning to consider how we can help them think about their thinking!

To thrive in the 21st century and beyond will require us all to be able to adapt and to do so quickly. We will all need a ‘tool kit’ of learning strategies to make fast improvements. To choose the right tool we will need to be able to reflect on what’s working for us and what isn’t. This metacognitive skill is crucial beyond the school gates. It also has significant benefits for attainment, behaviour and well-being in the classroom.

We have introduced the children to Thinking Frames which supports the children in organising their ideas in all areas of the curriculum and have attached a Parent Guide from Thinking Matters for further information.

Currently, we are focusing on introducing six key Habits of Mind. Habits of mind are thinking behaviours to help us solve every day and more complex problems. They are desirable attributes for learning.



The AIS curriculum is underpinned by opportunities to develop the key Habits of Mind.

In Reception we will introduce:Picture4


Creating and imagining


In Year one we will add two more Habits of Mind which are:Picture6

Applying past knowledge to new situations

Listening with understanding and empathy


In Year two we will then add another two which are:Picture5


Questioning and problem posing


The ultimate goal is that every individual, child or adult, begins to consciously recognise their own habits, strengths and areas for development and actively seeks to improve themselves.


Further information about what a Thinking School is can be found on the Thinking Matters website:


We hope you find this informative and we look forward to working with you as we continue on our Thinking Schools journey.

A Parents Guide