The School Day

Front Gates open to families


Morning registration



10.25am – 11.45am




11.45am – 12.45pm


Key stage 1 (Year 1 and Year 2):

12.00pm – 1.00pm


 Afternoon registration

12.45pm: Reception


1.00pm: Key Stage 1


End of the Day


The Front school gates open at 8.30am and parents and carers bring the children into the school and into class. This is an opportunity to help your child into class, pass on any urgent information to staff, change home reading books and look at learning.

At 8.45am children should be in class ready for the register and we ask that parents and carers are leaving the school site. The entrance gate as well as external doors to the classrooms are also closed at this time.

Phonics is our first session of the day, and we use Little Wandle to support learning. Children then have their second learning session, usually maths or English, and then have fruit and milk before playtime.

Playtime for Key Stage 1 is at 10.25am until 10.40am and this is an opportunity for children to play with their friends across different classes and have some exercise.

Assembly takes place at 10.45am (except on Tuesday when we have a special singing assembly at the end of the day). Assemblies cover a range of themes on Equality, Diversion and Inclusion, religions or faiths, curriculum focus weeks, charity events, topical events and much more. On Fridays, we have our Celebration Assemblies where children receive certificates for special achievements and resilience in the week. We also celebrate birthdays and attendance at this time.

Children continue their learning in the morning sessions and then lunchtime takes place at 11.45am for Reception and 12.00pm for Key Stage 1. Lunchtime is one hour and children have the option of a free school meal (catering for a range of allergies and dietary requirements) or packed lunch. There are a number of clubs that take place at lunchtime e.g. PE club, construction club, mindfulness club and reading club.

Afternoon registration takes place at 12.45pm for Reception and 1.00pm for Key Stage 1. Children then take part in a Mindfulness activity as an opportunity to reflect on the morning and start the afternoon in a calm way following the hustle and bustle of their lunchtime. Following this, children have their afternoon learning sessions which cover a range of subjects across the curriculum. These include specialist PE coach sessions and Forest School.

At the end of the day, except Tuesdays, the children will listen to a story as this is a daily priority to further develop reading for pleasure.

At 3.15pm, the children are collected from the front playground by a parent or carer. Children attending the My Time After School Club, based at the Junior School, are collected by the adults from staff